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Neil Dorval is really a scholar from Temple University, within Philadelphia, PA.

He holds a degree in Music Therapy and also has long been permanently Board Certified.

Neil has presented more direct individual care to varied amounts of the older population than anybody, anyplace, in almost any total capacity on planet earth.

Since 1989, Neil continues to be going to several Rehabilitation & Care Centers, Hospitals, Alzheimer Units, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Independent & Assisted Living services & similar, each day, as well as on weekends, holidays, along with in the course of evening hours.

Neil’s programs are generally broadly established as well as utilized by a vast number of Activity Directors, as well as Administrators. Many of the resident men and women whom Neil works together with encounter forgetfulness. Song lyrics and also tunes promote mental excitement. Additional hospitalized folks have received major strokes as well as cardiac arrest, or even have endured some kind of physical conflict. Neil’s Music Therapy intervention makes it possible for mood increase, self confidence, leisure, sensory activation, consciousness, attention span, staying power, motor use, cognitive & perceptual activity… Supplying successful, rousing, enjoyable Music Therapy programs, affords elderly people the opportunity to enjoy the innate healing abilities, intrinsic in, and produced from songs. Singalongs, Concerts, Percussion Groups, Drum Circles, Melodic Intonation Therapy (promotes natural & effective speech), Bedside Instrumentalists & Singers, Bell Choirs, & more. He is also capable to CHART to assist along with State permit & examination study, to help reduce “F Tag sitations”. Neil Elliott Dorval

Neil has brightened the existence of more and more people, for countless years.

Employees, visitors, as well as Doctors and Nurses, additionally gain from Neil’s treatment.

Whenever he is present in the Health facility, the building illuminates along with excitement and vitality. This will make everything pleasurable for everyone, because of all the positivism experienced from all the music activity that is developed whenever he is there.

Neil Dorval’s Music Treatment programs permit a very enjoyable experience.

Neil carries on to offer his Music Therapy & Piano services in Senior facilities every day. He has before and at the moment still does work with additional communities including Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Aphasia, Emotional / Behavioral, M.R., and similar.

Neil offers the positively very best Piano Music for senior citizens.

He appreciates all their favorite songs, and plays it at thee greatest, musical as well as entertaining amount of overall performance. Neil also gives hand held percussion to help get the seniors definitely contributing (shakers, maracas, bells).

Neil makes each and every effort to work within the facility finances, so the actual people can get their necessary advantage. He also will perform on a sliding scale, as well as offer barter measures.

Neil’s services appear in just about all destinations. His Music programs are usually readily available for weekly active groups, as well as additionally for special attractions, and on weekends, evenings, as well as holiday seasons. Neil Dorval

Neil also provides Piano Tuning and Repair solutions, as well as cost incentives when utilizing multiple services.
Neil Elliott Dorval is really a professional piano player, readily available for concert performing, and also enjoyment. Neil has performed throughout Las Vegas and also at The Beverly Hills Hotel,

The Beverly Hills Hilton, The Ritz Carlton in San Francisco, & Four Season Hotels, from The Canyon Club within Agoura Hills, CA, and just about all throughout Philadelphia and also Los Angeles. Neil has developed numerous solo piano Compact disc tracks, on which Grammy Award Winners will perform, in addition to really well-known studio room musicians. Cds could be bought immediately. Go to www.NeilElliottDorval.com

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