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Neil Dorval - one from the Nation’s Best Keyboard Gamers of This Time

Neil Dorval is among the greatest pianists of our time. There exists generally no discussion for this simple fact. He or she is extensively well-accepted and embraced by means of a jury of his completed musician and performer friends.

Neil graduated nearly thirty years in the past from Temple University’s Music School, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. It truly is one from the finest Universities for New music Studies, inside the U.S.

At the energy of 1976, Neil Dorval became a severe remarkably coordinated musician and performer performing the complex,
involved and demanding works of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750).

Sometime in 1979, Neil commenced to go after his performing talents as an extremely proficient, high-end, excessively gifted Keyboard Guy, wannabe to become arranged with all of the greats, for instance pianists/ singer-songwriters, Jackson Browne, Bruce Hornsby, Dr. John, Elton John, Billy Joel, Billy Payne Chuck Levell, Harry Connick, Diana Krall, Theoloneous Monk …

In 1979. Neil done for Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden, at a Grassroots political celebration at Temple U. Through these decade, Neil appeared anyplace near Philadelphia, racking up airplay, media interviews, public appearances, and lots of performances at numerous new music places.

Throughout now time period by way of 1989 Neil also established the group “Olde City”, operating musicians presenting Nashville born and primarily based “Country” expertise “Scott Whitehead’ (a James Taylor clone & CMA nominee “Hometown News” - ).

They recorded 1 Vinyl record, comprising 1/2 dozen trax. They were performing continuously, to adult present-day audiences, in clubs, public places, higher conclude institutions, and pastime locations. Neil’s band, “Olde City” was absolutely received.

Prior to leaving Philadelphia, Neil was mingling at songs music gatherings with Patti Labelle, Julius Erving, Darryl Hall, Suzanne Vega, Mick Taylor, Jerry Garcia, Bruce Hornsby

In 1989, Neil Dorval migrated to Southern California, to pursue a singer-songwriter occupation, and finished a whole on 24 track circulation ready master recording project, sponsored by personal shareholders funds , and including top L.A. studio musicians, and Grammy Award Winners. An eight year+ project, using a $100,000 cost.

Whilst executing in La, the following talents have been spotted with Neil:

Richie Sambora(Bon Jovi giutarist), Grammy Prize Winners Grover Washington Jr. &
Paul McCartney guitarist, Lauerence Juber, smooth Jazz Veteran Peter White(composer of “Time Passages, sax recording artist Warren Hill, superstar pianist radio host, John Tesh, performers Connie Sellicca & Heather Lockleir, 50‘s pop star Frankie Valie(The Sopranos), Frankie Avalon, Davy Johnstone (guitarist; Elton John) Abraham Laborial. Jr. (Drummer; Paul McCartney), Nikki Harris… Danny Glover, Donald Sutherland, Sally Kellerman, Paul Williams, the late Buddy Epson, Leading League Baseball players Mike Lieberthal and Todd Zeal…

In 1993, Neil invested hours with Jackson Browne, as an element of his studio in Santa Monica, throughout the setting vocals for Jackson’s “My “Problem is You”. Neil was distributed to the session by Sweet Pea Atkinson (lead singer of “Was Not Was”), & famed background singer with Bonnie Raitt, Lyle Lovett, Elton John, and Willie Nelson).

Sweet Pea was producing vocals on lots of Neil’s very first singer-songwriter CD, before Neil focusing on a solo keyboard profession.

Do not forget to visit Neil Dorval piano and Neil Dorval piano.

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